In Zimbabwe, Noah’s FARM is known for its Mission Construction Projects. As you see in the pictures below a mission team helped build a large, beautiful church and YOU can TOO. This team made up of men and women who had never laid a brick were given instructions on site. They were also provided a local person to work with them. This team for sure laid a lot of bricks. More importantly they were able to make great friends as the locals speak English. In depth conversations were an everyday highlight.

Come join us this August 1-14, 2019 as with your help we will be constructing a School Building.

The mission construction team will join with a medical mission team for the trip. The two teams will be together except during the work days when each will be working on their respective project.

These mission trips are work, memories, rewarding, and yes you will enjoy a guided walk with lions! Also enjoy a boat ride with crocodiles. Jeep ride with elephants, giraffe and even sable.

The basic cost of this all- inclusive trip is $4,998. For more information please email:

2016 mission trip to Zimbabwe in August. There were 13 people on this trip. While in Zimbabwe progress was made on Woodlands Church. These 13 people helped with building it. Building Woodlands Church is pictured below.