Noah’s FARM is very excited about various Education Projects in the planning stage. For example, one of our Construction Projects is to build a very modest Parsonage for a rural pastor out of concrete blocks. On the roof of this home we will be installing a basic solar system. Nearby is a water well complete with a water tower. The pump at the bottom of the well is electric. Our desire is to hook up this pump to the solar system so the well can be operated from the Parsonage. We are desiring to work with college engineering students to design the electrical system and determine how much capacity it will have.

Sometimes projects like this can be designed in the US. Other would be better served by going on an Education Mission Trip to Zimbabwe. We would love to have you come with us on a life changing trip where you can impact many lives for a lifetime.

Another project our Director of Advocating for Education is working on is a nutrition project. This project will involve the local school by assisting them in teaching nutrition, teaching healthy gardening, healthy food choices and cooking techniques. This nutrition program will also be taught at churches.

If you are interested in these or other Education or Nutrition Projects or Mission trips please send an email to  for more information.