Rev.Noah Sibanda and his wife Rev. Margaret Sibanda. He has planted over seventeen churches and continues to touch his community and country.






Mkoba Church.Dec2014

Mkoba Church of the Nazarene is Rev. Noah Sibanda’s home church.









March 2016 – Floods near our home and church, we had to ferry people to the church today. First drought, after all the crops had dried, then floods, we are now in our week six of rain rain and rain.

Floods.a.March2016 Floods.b.March2016 Floods.c.March2016

Mkoba church.Gary.Penny.Sidle

April 2016 – At the workshop at Mkoba Church of the Nazarene with Missionaries Gary and Penny Sidle.

Revival at Mkoba church.March 2016

Revival at Mkoba Church of the Nazarene – March 2016